The Most Expensive Burger in town is a fundraiser for Community Keepers. 100% of funds raised goes directly to serving vulnerable children in South African schools.


Community Keepers delivers school-based psychological and social services to vulnerable children at South African schools. They establish permanent sites at schools from where they deliver their psychological and social services to the children, teachers and parents at these schools.

Being school-based means their services are accessible to these individuals and groups who would otherwise not have access to the services of psychologists, social workers and counsellors. By helping children deal with the effects of abuse, trauma, neglect and other issues they are empowered to be in a better


The Community Keepers Cause 

The Solution

Community Keepers offers psychological and social services at schools to assist children, teachers and parents to unpack and deal with their “baggage”. Now, children are in a better position to utilise the educational opportunities being offered at schools.

The Problem

Many children come to school with social and emotional “baggage” which are caused by individual, family and community circumstances. This “baggage” hampers their ability to optimally utilise the educational opportunities offered by schools.