Slippery Spoon Kitchen, 2016 Cape Town Celebrity Chefs:

Johnny Hamman and Marius Uys, the creative duo behind Slippery Spoon Kitchen, offer unique food experiences to their discerning culinary audience. At the Most Expensive Burger in Town event, they use their craft to serve the community. In a most spectacular fashion, of course.

Bertus Basson, 2016 Stellenbosch Celebrity Chef:

Bertus has a food philosophy rooted in traditional South African culture with a modern outlook. Besides his commitment to great food made with fresh, local ingredients, he's also dedicated to uplifting the community. He shares our belief that children are the future and an investment in their well-being can change their lives forever.

The Most Expensive Burger event is an outstanding fundraising event that adds value and provides a platform for local companies to help make a change.
— Bertus Basson