The Most Expensive Burger in Town is a collaborative charity event presented by local businesses for their peers as an opportunity to network, have fun and make a difference.


Christine Meintjes & Iaan van Niekerk

The Pretty Blog & PlusPlusMinus

Christine and Iaan don't mind getting their hands dirty to support the local community. As driven entrepreneurs, they're a force for positive change.


Fritz & Chanel Schoon Schoon


Fritz and Chanel share a deep love for sustainable ingredients. Find them baking and ice-cream making at events that serve their community.


Henk Kotze

Hawk & Schoon

Co-owner of a boutique wine shop, Hawk & Schoon, Henk blends his love for the fermented grape with a passion for community projects.


Lisa Carinus


Lisa is co-owner of Found.Collection, a South African fashion label that supports and uplifts local.


Elsa Fourie

Projects & Event Coordinator

As an experienced project manager and event coordinator, Elsa thrives on organising chaos. Education and NGOs are close to her heart, fuelling her mission to build stronger communities.

Philip Geldenhuys

Phillip served as Community Keepers CEO for 10 years. He helped to establish the NGO in 2008 and continues to be instrumental in creating a better future for our children.